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The Thin Air Challenge is a four-day seroiusly mountainous mountain biking event which traverses the south eastern part of Lesotho in the areas between Qacha’s Nek and Matebeng. The Thin Air Challenge is a personal challenge, as well as an opportunity for mountain biking families to experience the breathtaking splendour and scale of the Maloti Drakensberg mountains, whilst camping and cycling through the area.

Lesotho is an independent state, and is known as 'the Mountain Kingdom' due its fame is having the highst low point of any country on earth. The people are friendly, dignified and impressively self sufficient.

The event was first held in 1998. The Thin Air Challenge is not a race but rather an unforgettably fine mountain biking experience at high altitude through breathtaking mountain scenery, with a bunch of like-minded people who love technical rocky sngletrack, do scary speed down boulder strewn hills, swim in frozen streams, and tell long tales of the day’s escapades around a big fire every evening. If you are more keen for this than following 12 000 lycra clad butts through a marked course..... come and join us.


Spiral Aloe (Aloe polyphylla)