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Gallery - cycling and bihiking

The pictures below are a collection of recent rising pictures.

Click here to see the camping, support team and general lesotho pictures.

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Mark descending into the gorgeous gorge
Granty getting the grit out
the ever adoring fan club
Helmet hair attempt. hmmmm
when we get old we will get these things rather
peak traffic on the Semonkong freeway
nice knee caps...
Lots of cold river swims - Tsoelike crossing
Bertus & Jen sharing peanuts at a lunch spot
Beth and Jen Bihiking again
Derailleur blow-out - Bertus and Glen fixing?
Sehlabathebe view
Down, Down to the Tsoelike
Grant fixing Jen's saddle with lots of helpers...
Russ, mr Maverick and James - out there...
Paula and glen - "wait paula wait..."
Trev chasing Paula and Glen...
Dr Beth and Grant enjoying a cold lunch ... top of Ramaepo's
Grant (racer boy) and Mark (mountain goat). Nice tights boys...
Mark and Grant posing in Sehlabathebe National Park
Helmet hair
Training on the sled track - Matatiele near Hognose headquarters
Jen does slick rock
Mark cleaning the precious
Nix is not so concerned with washing - Mudddddd
Mark doing the lizard stance on Ramaepo's
Ramaepo's pass traditional lunch spot at the waterfall
On the way to Bob Philips camp site
Near Belebese
25km of the Best downhill single track in world - descending Ramaepo's
Nixs riding through village near Tebellong
Mark and Nix the early years (pre cell phones)