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Gallery - cycling and bihiking

The pictures below are a collection of recent rising pictures.
Click here to see the camping, support team and general lesotho pictures

Bob philips campsite Signboard for the Bob Phillips camp, perated by a local man after negotiation with Local Council and Chief
Riders The overnight crew - hosted by the hospitable residents of Ha Sepechela village.
I'm sure the track went here somewhere...
Mud artwork in natural tones... day 4 2008.
coming round the mountain, near Thaba Ntso
Locals Lesotho villagers
Lunch time at the roadside caf. Resting russell !!!
Russell's rig Russell's rig
Mug fight General mud fight...
Grant (racer boy) and Nix on day 2.
Portage up to potato neck on day 1.
Day two 2008 snow with gorgeous bike.
Rus portaging up Mendwana neck route marking 2008
and suddenly, the path ran out and the grassland seemed to stretch on forever...
there and back again...the lure of the blue hills
The shower at the Sepechela camp (end of Day 1 2009)
the Maletsunyane falls valley, a sideline attraction
the great Semonkong freeway
picnic stop number 37
heading for the hinterland...
Crazy Steve the mountain man...who needs a bike when you have feet