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Gallery - The camping support team and fantastic Lesotho

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Mark celebrating the start of Thin Air '06.. off loading bikes:-)
Balega packed fulllll.
Washing bikes next to the river at Malibono.
Children watching the view.
Fire side stories
Camp MacHorn (Misselhorn)
Ha Paulosi camp site on the Tsoelike River
Camp Mcleod.
Bertus and Mark caught red handed stealing XTR parts off Nix's bike.
Skye and fans reading bedside stories
Skimming stones on the Tsoelike
Gran and Granddad (Toni and Hamish), the best camp slaves ever, wrapping up around the fire with Mark
Hamish with Hanna "My what a rough chin you have..."
Toni and Liam reading camp site stories and getting secret cuddles
Camp gaurd... Blue
Homestead near Belebese
James fixing...again
My rachet straps are orange (so Mark can't steal them)
The Rabbit flanked by Tinfoil babes. (Ash and Alison)
Buckingham palace...
Enjoying the view at the top of Matebeng Pass
Pen and Myrons's beers delivered by courier
Security department having some daytime R&R. Special dog.
Two thirds of the Chopkins Clan. Mom's putting up the tent, 'cause Dad's destroyed after a hard day on the saddle. (Russ and Carla)
Nice Landy (cruisers would get stuck here...). Crossing the Senqu river near Hareeng. Competent drivers required.
Duminyville - Deirdre, get on with the coffee!
you can only join our gang if you wear pink. no boys
Anyone seen the fire extinguisher - think the wind's changing
Top of Ramakakatela's pass - such a beast up, such a blast down
Thin Air techie wannabees
The Rabbit in Nirvana with Hannahtjie - if it doesn't kill 'em, it'll make 'em stronger (uh oh)
Camo, pink warmies and marshmellow heaven
Biker mice (aspirant Thin Air Challengers) having fun in the campsite
Shlabs, Maureen and Hogsnose doing the spastic elastic dance.
Annelie with entranced audience, deep in the land of Narnia
Lovely pack, beautiful bike, glorious view...up from the Melikane valley